Has anyone Ordered and recieved an LVDS LCD from www.chalk-elec.com?

Hello everyone,

I have found http://www.chalk-elec.com/ and they sell a 10" capacitive
LCD for plug and play use with beagleboard XM. Has anyone ordered this
and recieved one, and got it setup and working? I was thinking about
ordering one!



Check the archives before asking:

I ordered and they will ship it next week due the Chinese New Year delay, hopefully I will have
no problem with that!

Hello Frank,

I did see that, but I was trying to see if anyone did have success in
recieving a product from them!



I have ordered one at the end of November and received it 10 days ago.
(They just posted the November pre-order on 5th of January.)

I was not able to try it yet, because I need the mating sockets for my
Beagle and they did not arrive yet.
The package contained the carefully packed display, the LVDS interface
board and the cable to connect the display and the board.
I have ordered it with standard postal shipment. There were no problem
with it.

Best regards,

I have a 10" touch panel from them (Chalkboard Electronics) that I got in the fall some time, and it works very nicely with both Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 on my BBxM. I didn’t even have to do anything except tweak one kernel command line parameter: fixing the resolution setting, in preEnv.txt, to be omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x800MR-16@60. With that, it booted right up, touch just works. (Maybe not multitouch - I haven’t investigated that yet.)