Having problems cloning eMMC, turns out 4GB != 4GB on different boards.

I have a Beaglebone Black with 4GB eMMC and debian preinstalled, that I got all setup for my application. I got another 4GB BBB, and am trying to clone eMMC from the first one to this new one, but am having problems. My current problem is the board that I have setup already has according to fdisk " 3925868544 bytes", but the new one is only “3867148288 bytes” which is like 59MB less. First question is why are they different? Second question is anybody have any ideas on how to clone it? Currently I am booting with 8gb flash disk with debian installed on it. I can’t resize parition because parted isn’t installed and I do not have internet access for the boards.


there is another thread here Duplicate BeagleBone black setup dated Nov 28, where you will find a solution to your problem.
Good luck.