Having problems mounting a Ubuntu 10.04 system

I am using the following command to mount my Ubuntu system from my
BeagleBoard-xM. I simply want a directory on my Ubuntu box that my
BBxM has complete access to.

mount -v -t cifs // /mnt/bbxfer -o

It appears to mount ok, but sometimes I will do a mkdir command and it
won't work. The other side can not see the directory that was
created. And a few other strange problems.

It seems odd that I would need to use cifs to go between the two linux

What is the best way to mount a Ubuntu 10.04 box from my BeagleBoard?

How about good old NFS? (Note: I haven’t tried this yet with Ubuntu, but I have gotten it to work just fine with a different Linux kernel)

I find scp/sshfs the easiest to work with now with 2 Linux machines.