Having trouble upgrading emmc to latest image

Somehow i lost my ability to comnmunicate with my bbb. i am handicapped and have trouble typing because i have no use of my right hand(i was right handed). when i was trying to set up a static ip using derek molloy’s instruction i mis-typed (hit enter by accident)and now i can’t .
find my bbb. i am trying to recover by using the upgrade instruction in the start web site. it says to hold down switch to run from sd or copy sd. how do you differentiate between these two? doing this with one hand will be tricky, but i will find help!

Use the instructions at http://circuitco.com/support/index.php?title=Updating_The_Software

The boot button is next to the SD connector. A picture can be found at http://circuitco.com/support/index.php?title=BeagleBoneBlack#BeagleBone_Black_Key_Component_Locations


Hi Jim,
The only differerence is which SD card you're using. If you use the flasher image, it will wipe the onboard eMMC flash (any changes you've made are lost). The other image will let you mount the eMMC to modify it.

You may want to acquire an FTDI cable which will let you get to the serial console. Almost always you can revert config to get network access back. Here are circuitco's suggestions (others work too, I use seeedstudio's):


Thanks Dale, I ordered one from Adafruit, my fav vendor.