HDMI hot swap

I read in the reference manual to always make sure that the hdmi input is plugged in before I power on the beagleboard, but what would happen if I hot swap the hdmi connector?

Here’s my real problem:
I am trying to make a portable system using the beagleboard and a small lcd as a remote control for an RC car. The LCD takes an analog RCA type input and I am using the beagleboard’s HDMI output, which goes through an HDMI to composite converter. The converter has been tested by outputting video from a laptop to my LCD, but if I plug it in to the beagleboard the board will not boot. LED 13 goes red and LED D5 blinks. I’m thinking that the beagleboard is waiting for an acknowledgement from the LCD before it turns on.

What would happen if I plug my normal LCD monitor into the beagleboard, then swap it out for my portable LCD after boot?

Thanks in advance

Depends on the monitors. Some have the issues. Others do not. What we have seen is that the expensive ones can have issues where the cheap ones work fine when plugging in the DVI-D. The result is a small degradation of the signal level that some monitors cannot handle.

I good solution would be to use an HDMI switch, one of the smart ones.


Thanks. Just out of curiosity, what if I would get rid of the LCD setup and go with a portable LCD with hdmi connection like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA0V108S5365. Has anybody every tried that before?

Nice music! From what I can tell, that should work. There are lots of LCD panels out there that will take HDMI. The Lilliput ones work very well.