HDMI Interface data sheet

Looking for the data sheet for the NXP TDA19988. It’s not on any distributor web site or the NXP web site. There are very few units in the channel. Is this still the HDMI interface device of choice for BBB? Doesn’t anyone know the status or availability of tech documents for this device?


Contact me direct and I will give you what I have. It isn’t much.


On the GSOC mailing list, one user got this out of NXP..



I have more.


I made a post about this exact thing here a couple of months back, and received little help. One user was kind enough to get me started with some code that he had written for a Minix driver for that chip, but it only had the EDID driver code. So, I went on a manhunt to find anything I could. I knew that all of the information I was looking for had to be in a Linux kernel somewhere, so I started there. Here is the best code I have found to date:


This is the code for a full driver for the TDA19988 chip. Be warned, this chip is pretty complex compared to other components I have interfaced with. I have made some really good progress on my bare metal implementation and hope to have some code posted in a couple of weeks that anyone can start using. But again, this is a bare metal driver, not a Linux driver.


Would it be OK if I contacted you for the information you have? Maybe what you have will help me complete my driver a little faster so that I can share it with the community. There’s obviously some interest in this. I would venture to say that if some easy-to-use code existed, the interest would be much higher :slight_smile:

You can contact me. There is also the source code for the driver that we have been using in our Linux images.