HDMI to VGA for console

I’m a new BBB owner, and since I don’t have any monitors with HDMI inputs for use to view the console, I ordered a Mini-HDMI to VGA adapter to connect to the VGA monitor I have. I get nothing on the monitor when connected to the BBB, even after doing a power cycle of the BBB. The monitor momentarily comes out of sleep but then goes back to sleep within seconds. Is there something I’m missing on this? I’ve flashed the current version of Angstrom, and get the same problem…

Dave Frandin

BTW: I checked the purchased HDMI to VGA adapter on a tablet with a mini-HDMI port and the adapter works fine with the VGA monitor I was trying to use with the BBB…

Did you look here before buying?



No, I did not read that link… Are you implying that that adapter is somehow different that the one I have?