headless X11


(I am using kernel 3.8 installed as described on the eewiki and
a Gentoo Linux on my Beaglebone Black.)

I want to start an X11 application on my beaglebone and redirect
its output (via LAN) to my PC using "export DISPLAY...." on my

Unfortunately I cant start X on the beaglebone. It ends with
"Server ended unsuccessfully: No screen found" (or similiar...
I dont remember the exact phrase here...)

I "modprobe -a"ed the fb kernel module (which loads fine) but
X still shows the same error.

Do I need a different kernel configuration?
How can I acchieve what I trying to do?

Thank you very much for any help in advance!
Best regards,

You don't need X running on the BBB to do this. In X the server is
the system/screen which runs X (i.e. your desktop machine remote from
the BBB) and the X client is the actual running program (on your BBB).

Just do the following:-

    ssh -X <name of your BBB>

then at the command prompt on the BBB run the program you want and it
will pop up a window in the X server on your desktop machine.

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