Hello and Camera Time/BBAI-64


To anyone in userland right now. I know this may be silly.

Does a ZV-T01-GA4.4 work as a CSI-2 camera source for the BBAI-64?


P.S. I find barely anything on this type of pixelated cam. in a small form factor. This small form factor, from what I have learned is basically this idea:

DVP Camera interface 24P 0.5mm FPC connector

So, FPC is not CSI-2. Okay. Is it compatible in any way or fashion?


Wait till we have an updated CSI camera list, each sensor needs special tweaks. For today stick with USB camera’s, our goal is to support normal RPI camera’s, but today none of those are enabled yet (fully tested/etc…)…



Hello Sir,

No issue. @RobertCNelson , I found some more info. about these cams. They are common but for FPV stuff.

Anyway, they have adapters and all sorts of things. Anyway, I will stick w/ USB Cams. for now.