Hello and I Hope

I, Seth, hope everyone is having fun. Part of learning is having fun. Lucrative or measly, never fear, fun is here.


Outside of my fun riddle that makes exactly no sense and is yet fun, I just wanted to type up some random ramblings and let people know I am here.


P.S. I am here! I have been trying to learn more, achieve less, and yet still look for modest work. I am a beaglebone black and beaglebone AI-64 user. I enjoy learning on the boards but I have never fully invested my time to make something out of myself.


I am by far too miniscule in mind to handle such a task. So, I will reside here while learning and trying to make something of myself (one day). Hopefully?

The vast majority of people I see are welcoming and welcomed. This is a good start to active conversation on an electronics level along w/ Linux building. That is my two cents for now. I hope everyone is doin’ well and trying to beat the heat. Dang that 99F w/ 84% humidity and a dew point of something atrocious. Anyway, back to the books.

Learn and become something…

Unlike this jovial fool named Seth (that is me). Sometimes one has to take a leap of sorts at the exact timing he or she should take that leap. No offense to people not metaphorically leaping into their exact time. Okay…done for now!


Sorry…I thought I was done.

  1. config-pin p9.14 pwm still works on the BBB and am335x style of 32-bit processors.
  2. GPIO in python3 has become a second hand trait that is worth the trouble.
  3. UART still scares me and not b/c I am tired of serial instances.
  4. SPI peripherals on the BBB do well w/ cameras. That was an oddity to me at first.
  5. If you get bored, the docs are a good place to learn about how to interface specific peripherals on the am335x and TDA4VM. See here: BeagleBone cape interface spec — BeagleBoard Documentation

Anyway, that is my way of giving back today!

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Do you have a dedicated Linux big box that can run Netbeans?

@foxsquirrel ,

I usually do not use netbeans, i.e. as I am not a java person for now.


P.S. But yes, I can use a Debian Distro for netbeans if necessary.

It is not Java only, it is one of the best for C/C++ and safest (secure) to use IDE available.

You just have to load the correct options.

Check Netbeans 8.2 plugin portal, restart when its ready.

Go to the installed tab and activate the features shown in the above. Restart IDE. Note, the bottom bar shows the progress of the stuff downloading so wait until it is finished.

Before you install it, I just found that Netbeans 18 has a dependency for the glibc version that is only in Ubuntu 22.04. Nb 18 will run and build for a localhost on Ubuntu 20.04 however the remote host is broken in 18/20.04 combination. It works perfectly in 18/22.04 configuration. Pretty sure 17 worked fine in 20.04 so take that into consideration too. It would be best to use a native linux box (Ubuntu 22.04)and Netbeans 18 if you are working on embedded systems. I prefer to use Debian however the Video card in my box is unstable and the best stability has been 22.04. If the glibc version is the same as 22.04 it should work on Deb.

$ldd --version

Mine is 2.35.

The remote host power of netbeans allows you to test code on multiple platforms. Very easy, just right click on the project and select build host. You will need to install tools on the target boards to enable GDB and GCC for remote builds.


I believe you are using python.

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Okay and Thank you,

I installed an updated version of Debian recently. For now, the machine flies! I will look into it. Thank you for the chatter. I appreciate it. I stopped using Netbeans a long time ago…

I guess I was exhausted and run dry or whatever. Anyway, I will attempt it again and see where it takes me. I usually try to run everything on the machine in question. But, w/ larger libs. and build deps, I am sure this can get confusing and quickly.


P.S. I will look into it and get back to you!

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