I am a beginner, i have a B7 version Beagle board, i am sort of clear
on the hardware part of it but very poor on software.
i am very much interested to learn and use these do help me in the
following .
1. what to do with the MSD card i.e how to partition ? what to put
inside it the significance of them ?
2. how to use Beagleboard in slave mode i.e connected to my linux,
ubuntu machine ?

please tell me the sites, from which beginner gets most of the basics

i have only the 162 page reference manual.

i am waiting to know and learn.

thank you

Hi, welcome to the BB world!

For me, the best beginning site is http://elinux.org/BeagleBoard

Take a look on it and feel free to ask us right here or on the IRC too
(on freenode)

It should answer your questions. Definitely also go to the link Rodrigo posted.

hope this helps!