Help BeagleBoard not boot and not leds ON

Hello, Good day for all.
I have today an important problem with my BB.
In this video you can see what is happening:
As you can see, My BB does not put on the USR0 and the USR1 Leds even the PMU led, just the PWR is ON!!
I need to reinstall the OS, come days, I had installed Ubuntu 11.04 and it was working nice with DVI-D, and Hub ethernet, but today I am trying to reinstall from SD memory and nothing happens! I try to boot from NAND and that does not work. The way that i am trying is to boot, is pressing the USER and RESET buttons, 10 seconds later, i release the RESET buton and 10 sec later I release the RESET button too… That’s the way than the manual form.

Please, somebody have experience with that? I need to know what is wrong exactly with my BB. Thank you so much for support this issue.


Try creating an SD card using the factory SW. Follow the instructions to repair the NAND flash and the following link.


2012/3/3 Sergio David Sánchez Mendoza <>

Gerald, thank you for your response, but it is not usefull
I fixed this issue in this form:
The original distro of BB is armstrong linux, so it could be usefull
I was thinking my BeagleBoard was chrashed, but it is not true... It
is just a failure due to remove the SD card in a bad form while the OS
is runing (I did it)...
Thank you for read, some questions is wellcomed.

Sorry to hear it was not useful informatioon. Do you suggest that I remove it?


Hello Gerald.
Absolutelly not, I mean, just in my case was not usefull...
My specific case was the recovery of BB, the nand memory did not have
x-load and u-boot I fixed that issue by flashing it that's all...
other man can find usefull what you said and documents there
Thanks for response

This process I pointed you to reflashes the NAND for you. That is what it was supposed to do if the instructions were followed…