Help for kernel debugging

Hi all,
Please find following problem description.

I am using Beagle board(B6) with angstrom distribution (kernel version 2.6.29-r35).
Parallel to that I am using one more beagle clone with same kernel with minimum changes.
On both the boards I am capable of using overlay with DSS2 architecture.
On both audio is working (Alsa Headset setting for Beagle; PreDriver for beagle clone)
I am using mplayer with *.avi file for multimedia playback.

Problem Description:-
Some how I am getting crash on beagle clone and kerenel dies after some iterations of mplayer.
I am using single file in loop as …

$ mplayer -loop 0 test.avi

For one step towards debugging I tried to use minimal kernel resources by givinf following options to mplayer.

$ mplayer -vo null -nosound -loop 0 test.avi

So this will avoid usage of AV driver. Still this is causing hangs and kernel crashing.


  1. Kernel crashes without giving any log (syslogd and klogd turned off)and everything hangs up along with terminal(No ctrl+c working)

  2. To verify kernel crash I am continuously pinging the board from host machine which is acting as heart bits of my board. After everything hangs up my these heart bits also stop. (So kernel hanging up verified)

  3. Problem is produced very randomly (sometimes 3-4 iterations; sometimes after10 iterations)

  4. If DVI cable is connected and monitor is switched on in between problem is getting reproduced quickly though -vo null is there. So vsync interrupt(if any) is major suspect.

So can anybody give me a guideline regarding this problem ?
What traces and debug options should be enabled in kernel ?

Any kind of help or right guiding pointer will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

I have the following devices attached to a powered USB 2.0 hub on the
EHCI port.
mouse, Edimax USB wireless dongle, Logitech Pro 9000 camera and keyboard.
Everything but the keyboard (definitely OK) is seen.
I have a OTG cable on order to see if that will fare any better, but in
the meantime I'd like to know if I've missed anything.
and modules-2.6.29-r37-beagleboard.tgz.