Help for upgrading BeagleBone AI to Debian 10?

Hi there,
A new BeagleBone user here! I was wondering if someone could point me to the correct resources I can have a look at to upgrade my BBone AI to Debian 10 from Debian 9?
Hoping to receive some help.

Solved this. Thanks!

As you posted the question would you also post the solution? So someone searching can then just read what to do?

@jcdammeyer Sure.

  1. Download the latest Flashable image from BBone website.
  2. Flash it onto an SD Card (> 8GB) using any preferred software.
  3. Put that SD Card onto to SD Card slot and wait for some time to get to see the 4 LEDs to become a standby.
  4. You’re device is now successfully flashed. Remove the SD card and put in the power supply for the device to boot Debian 10.
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Ah. I thought you wanted to upgrade an existing system without losing all your installed programs and data.