Hi, I was using beagle board kernel 2.6.32 from angstrom-distribution

I wanted to enable SPI so I decided to use kernel 2.6.28-omap1 from
tmlind and have the board-omap3-beagle.c file altered to recognize SPI
3 & 4 and recompile U-boot to do the pin mux...

happens I'm goins through an unexpected problem, When I try to use the
kernel 2.6.28 from tmlind with the same rootfs I used with the 2.6.32
kernel, my HDMI output is lost....

I haven't even changed the bootargs....I can see my system running
from the serial interface...but no graphic response...

any thoughts?

I am currently generating a new x11-image using OE and I'll try to see
what happens..

I copied the defconfig from OE to build 2.6.29..and built it myself.
Is it better to have OE do the job?? if so, how could I inform OE
about the changes it must perform in the board file??


Saul Andrade

oops, lacked some patches...

I'm using kernel 2.6.29-omap1

I was wondering, what is the "standard" (by standard I mean easier ^^)
way to configure the beagle pin mux?? I want to enable UART2 (if it is
not already enabled) SPI3 and SPI4

If by kernel, what should I modify?? Is there any example??

I believe it is simpler by u-boot (at least, it seems easier...) could
you guys please help? I'm stuck....

what version of u-boot is good to build with OE?? u-boot-
omap3beagleboard-1.1.4 ?? I'm planning on creating a diff to modify
the board/ti/beagle/beagle.h file and add it to SRC_URI...Is this

oh boy, if I manage to get everything working...I'll definitely write
a guide..this stuff is pretty hard for newbies like myself....

This is my board file as it is now (I highlighted all of my

thank you very much,
Saul Andrade