HELP!! How to change the configuration colour for each lcd_data?

Hi guys,

I need your help about the LCD data. I want to design our hardware with beaglebone and we want to add an LCD 7" (like Chipsee devkit) with a different connection. I explain you…

They have connected the lcd_dataX pins in a different way that beagebone cape 7" (from beagletoys) and TMDSSK3358 Starter kit (from TI) have done it. For example, LCD_DATA0 is the bit blue 3 (Chipsee conf.), bit blue 0 (beaglebone cape conf.) and bit red 3 (TMDSSK3358 conf.)

I add the image of the schematics to show you the different connections of them.

Chipsee devkit

beagebone cape 7"

TMDSSK3358 Starter kit

So, my question is… Where (in kernel) can I change the colour definition for each pin?

Thanks in advice,

Marc Garcia.