help, I think the smoke escaped from my beagle stack (beagle white, battery cape, dvi cape, audio cape)


I just got an audio cape today and wanting to get it working I added it to the top of the cape stack such that I had a beaglebone white, the battery cape, dvi cape, and finally the new rev b audio cape on top. a couple days ago I used this setup without the audio cape running on batteries and it worked completely as expected. I plugged it into the network and used the stack over ssh for over 3 hours as commented in a previous post. Today, I was a bit short on batteries so after carefully looking over the battery cape SRM found here and determining that it will accept from 1.8-5.5V across VBAT as doccumented on page 16 of the cape SRM I reviewed the schematic to find J8 & J9 allow attachment to VBATT such that I may attach a power supply to J8 or J9 for power. I then placed 2 AA cells in the battery holders on the battery cape and measured the voltage across J8 & J9 to determine proper polarity after which I attached a black lead to the minus or negative terminal and a red lead to the positive terminal. it blinked and flashed nicely as I would wxpect at this point as if trying to boot. I then attached a 5V power supply to these terminals checking for proper polarity prior to turning on the supply which I measured at 5 volts. I only took this option because after careful reading of the Battery cape SRM It stated that 5v is in spec. well the board stack failed to come up or give any indication of life, not so much as a power LED on any of the boards! then about 15 seconds elapsed and things started to smell. I pulled power shortly thereafter. now all that happens when I put batteries in the battery cape in the batteries get too hot to hold in just a couple seconds and the smell returns. trying to power the beaglebone over USB with no other capes attached blinks the power LED but no other evidence of life is seen. I am also suspect of the audio cape and dvi cape possibly being fried as well. are there some additional things I can and should check or is this something for direct RMA?



Do the RMA.


Hello Gerald

How to do RMA ? I am in Shanghai

You send the board back to the factory in the US.