Help install bitbake in BBxm(using Angstrom distribution)

I wanna run servo drive by using BBxm.

The problem is I couldn’t install bitbake.

I found almost of page by googling, and followed it, but failed…

I heard that in ubuntu, I can just get by suing apt-get, but, i’m using Angstrom distribution and it isn’t in the opkg package list.

Anybody there who can succeed to running bitbake or servo motor?

Please let me know any comments or advices. Also if you guys know how to run servo motor, please let me know about that.


Compiling: Copy the servodrive folder into the openembedded/recipes/
folder. Then run the following command:

  bitbake servodrive

openembedded/recipes/ folder is at a Linux machine :)

I meant x86 Linux machine