Help me. I can't install USB Drivers

My computer is 64-bit so i install USB Drivers 64-bit installer and it’s show this ( without microSD card) USR0 blink USR1 no light USR2 blink USR3 Blink . but if i put microSD card it show "Cannot complete the Device Driver Installation Wizard " and all install failed(USR0,USR1,USR2 light is steady ,USR3 no light).

Windows 7 or 8 right? You need to get the signed drivers.

Found it here:!topic/beagleboard/_y-fIgg-J7I

I do not run Win8 personally, but there are posts on these very groups that say you need to enter into some “special” mode in order to install unsigned drivers. Search the groups, you’ll probably find the post.