Help me running my first Hello word application on beagle board

Hi friends i am using Beagle Board for the first tym and am new to the Linux environment, i am using Eclipse C/C++ IDE and am using MinGW cross compiler tool chain, i have successfully compiled the example hello word application using cross GCC, but after that i am completely lost, i have the project files, i have completely setup beagle board for angstrom environment but kindly guide me through further steps that i need to know.

If you have setup remote terminal access (see derek malloy’s video tutorial on how to do this), then this should be easy.

Copy the executable file from Debug folder of the Eclipse project, see the project workspace on the right, expand the Debug folder then copy the file to the BBB root folder, in the Remote system explorer tab.

Ensure file is executable, from terminal execute the program by entering ./program name in a terminal.

First Login to your BB via ssh terminal (only if you have connected your BB with the network)

ssh BB-ipaddress

if you have successfully logged in then open up another terminal and use scp to transfer your binary to BB

scp /path/to/binary/on/host/pc root@BB-ipaddress:~/
this will copy binary to root user home directory

you can run it by