Help mounting USB stick

I’ve had a few problems with my Beaglebone blacks and since I didn’t have an FTDI cable I had to reflash and rebuild them. Now I have an FTDI cable, this helps greatly.

However I am having a problem, I have successfully mounted a USB stick and this was used for additional storage. To do this I created an entry in fstab, however I’m stuck at this stage now…everytime I try to set up the USB stick in fstab it prevents the BBB from booting. I can boot it using the FTDI cable, but I don’t know where I can find a summary of the problem or what to do to fix it.

The entry I am adding to fstab is:

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Anyone ?

Found this:

Still can’t get it to work.

"I can boot it using the FTDI cable, but I don't know where I can find
a summary of the problem or what to do to fix it."

idk, maybe post the full bootlog to, such that users can
atleast comment on something, instead of shooting in the dark...


I’m no expert, but I’ll give it a shot.

I suspect that now that you are using the FTDI to serial adapter, you have a conflict of some sort between it and the

USB stick.

Did you try mounting the USB stick as “sda2” or perhaps “sdb1” ?

Just a guess.


Here is a pastebin as requested of the output when booting using FTDI, in my configuration I have enabled UART4 and UART5…

remove the 'quiet" from uEnv.txt and make sure your usb device is plugged in..


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At least I can see where its failing now, still not a clue why though.

Is the usb flash drive even formatted?

you could always specify the format in /etc/fstab via:

/dev/sda1 /mnt/usbstick ext4 rw,defaults 0 0


Its formatted and has files on it from the last time I built the system.

Remove the mount point from fstab, reboot the BBB with the USB stick inserted, and then the results of the commands blkid, and mount.

Hope this helps…I am going to re-iniitliase the USB drive see if that helps.

I am happy to say that the problem has now been resolved, although I’m not sure why it didn’t work to begin with.

I re-initialise the USB stick, re-partitioned it and then added the entry to fstab, and it works.

Thank you for help.