Help!!! My Beaglebone Black is now just a paperweight!

I was trying to write the Ubuntu image to SD card and ever since then my Beaglebone Black will not boot up. It powers on and shuts down after a second or two. I think I must have wiped the eMMC because I did a command to wipe the /dev/bbblkmm01 (or something similar) aqnd it wont boot now. How can I get ubuntu onto the eMMC? I know nothing about Beaglebone Black so I apologize for asking such an elementary question.

Thank you for your time.

Try the links below.


If the power LED goes of, the most likely reason is that you do not have enough power coming from your DC power supply plugged into the DC jack.


First thanks for your quick input.

I did as you said but still not working. One Solution I found myself is that if I remove ethernet cable and then try to boot then it works. So I don’t think there is anything related to low Power/Current. But now problem is I can not connect to BBB as there is no Ethernet/USB connectivity. though I tried to connect ethernet after Kernel has initialized, and ethernet is detected successfully with IP my case) and able to connect using SSH.

But as soon as I do some heavy packet transfer on ethernet like sudo apt-get update then after few seconds it again shuts down. Note that as soon as I do apt-get install/apt-get update this happens. I am using my Wifi shared with PC-Ethernet using Windows 7 Mac Layer bridge for providing Internet access to board. and this works fine with Angstrom

Is it because eth driver has crashed? if Yes then how to fix this. Also how can i add g_ether (Ethernet Over UsB) thing which was in Angstrom at in my ubuntu?


Sounds like a power issue. What is the amperage on your DC power supply?


Its 5V 1A Adapter.

That should be enough assuming that it is not a switching power supply, which can be noisy. I assume it is grounded along with the rest of the system.


It may be issue with Switching power supply. But any ways I updated ubuntu SD image from and it is working fine now…

Thanks for you support.:slight_smile: