Help needed


I am a student who is new to the development tools area and i am supposed to choose on of these boards to do my master thesis which is about “Senor Fusion For Augment Reality Applications”.

I will need some help, my options are as follows

3-Beagle Board
4-Rasperry Bi

I know there are a lot of differences between them even when it comes to cost as well as that each one of them has several types under each family.

I am going to track motion of an augmented object via senors such as ( Accelerometer gyroscope magnetometer )

I am going to gather info from them do some little bit of processing on the data and then relay to a unit that will use this data to display the augmented object picture in reality.

The unit that will display the the augmented object picture via the data i have acquired is already ready.

Please help me choose or the least you can do is to arrange them to me with the best on on-wards.

Looking forward for your help guys!!!