Help Needed


I am a student who is new to the development tools area and i am supposed to choose on of these boards to do my master thesis which is about “Senor Fusion For Augment Reality Applications”.

I will need some help, my options are as follows

3-Beagle Board
4-Rasperry Bi

I know there are a lot of differences between them even when it comes to cost as well as that each one of them has several types under each family.

I am going to track motion of an augmented object via senors such as ( Accelerometer gyroscope magnetometer )

I am going to gather info from them do some little bit of processing on the data and then relay to a unit that will use this data to display the augmented object picture in reality.

The unit that will display the the augmented object picture via the data i have acquired is already ready.

Thats pretty all actually

Please help me choose or the least you can do is to arrange them to me with the best on on-wards.

Looking forward for your help guys!!!

BeagleBoard or Rasperry

PcDuino seems like a good choice too but i never had heard of this plataform before

could you advice why ???

Look at their archtiecture, arduino won’t be able to handle the processing you need.

The other guys have a good arm for processing and even GPU

I am a beginner so i don’t get what you mean by " won’t be able to handle the processing i need " all of them have a processor ???

i am a beginner … all of them do have a processor so what doi you mean by “arduino won’t be able to handle the processing you need.”

i am a beginner … all of them do have a processor so what doi you mean by “arduino won’t be able to handle the processing you need.”

Yes! But they don’t have the same processor. You cannot compare a elderly Atmel (arduino) chip to the latest Arm compatible processor (BBB).
IMHO Kalman filtering is possible with all boards, but it strongly depends on your project and your skills.
Please provide more information and maybe someone might be able to help you…

And, ask google for “Kalman filtering” kombined with the different boards.
Might help you

Goal of this work is to realize a system that can be attached to an object and is able to provide high quality location and movement information. The realization should be based on a commodity μC platform or an embedded computing platform such as Arduino, PCDuino, Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone Black and can rely on sensor boards that may already have integrated sensor fusion algorithms such as 9DOF Razor IMU or MPU-6050 based systems or develop appropriate fusion mechanism such as using Kalman Filters. Essential part of the thesis is a requirements analysis in terms of accuracy and capabilities of the inertial measurement unit (IMU), a survey of different methods to achieve sensor based tracking and an analysis and selection of an appropriate corresponding μC or embedded computing platforms. The proposed method to achieve the tracking have to be implemented in a prototype in hardware/software an validated within an existing AR environment …

Above is the goal of the thesis that all i know. LOL

Any help is highly anticipated!!!