Help reading MLX90614 with Beaglebone Black


I need help with reading the MLX90614 ir sensor… When I attach it to BBB and run sudo i2cdetect -y -r 1, it slowly looks for i2c addresses and dmesg says “controller timed out” every time.

The problem seems to be in the MLX90614 communication, because if I plug it out, i2cdetect finds other sensors attached to BBB just fine and rapidly without errors.
I find out that Raspberry Pi has had similar problems and that linux kernel version 3.17 does have support for the sensor.

But how to get this sensor working with Beaglebone Black? My distro is debian, and the kernel is 3.8.13-bone67.

I see you have posted this in 2014 but I am having the same trouble. Did you find the answer to the problem?

I would love it if you could post if you found a solution to this.

I switched to a arduino Uno and problem persisted. Then discovered I had read the data sheet wrong. The schematic of the pins is looking from the bottom up while I had connected as if the schematic was looking at the top downwards. Once I connected it correctly, it worked on arduino, raspberry pi and beaglebone. I hope that makes sense and I'm not the only one to read it wrong :blush: