Help regarding building OpenCV application on QT and deploying in BB

Hi ,

I followed the steps mentioned in the

and was able to build QT so that it compiles the programs which can be
run on BB.

In the blog it is mentioned that I should copy the files from opt/qt-
arm/lib to same files on BB.

I am not able to copy the files on to pendrive. Few files with .so
extension are not getting copied.

On the target, i.e BB.
I typed these commands,

the PATH statement in /etc/profile to the following:

Connect BeagleBoard to the Internet.

opkg update

opkg upgrade

opkg install g++

opkg install opencv

To get the packages run:

opkg install libgles-omap3
opkg install libstdc++6
opkg install libpng12-0

I copied the executable file to BB.

When I am running the executable file.I am running it I am getting
It says,

expecting "(" but got ")" ---something of this sort.

What can be the problem be?

Can anyone give the steps to follow to build my first program on BB?


It is recommended to cross-compile your program using openembedded or
install appropriate toolchain.
How did you compiled your program?

I used angstrom toolchain.

2011/12/5 Predrag Manojlović <>

I have crosscompiled it for BB.

You should compile you application also on your host computer.
What are the steps ou performed to compile?
From toolchain installation to application compilation

2011/12/4 Sai Manoj Prakhya <>