Help! What happened to my XM?

I was working on it using putty and sftp.

All of a sudden. Files wouldn't copy.
Putty hanged.

Restart. Nothing.
Wouldn't boot.
All i can see via serial is 00(hex).
Reset button does nothing. Every time i plug in and out. 00h.
I formatted sd cards. Again n again.

Then that i picked up a dmm.
And checked the voltages.

I get 5v. And 1v!!!
1v where there should be 1.8v. The expansion headers pin 1.

Plus the processor heats up really fast!.

it is dead

But how?
So that it doesn't happen again.

I have put the standoffs such that the board is upside down when I
mainly use it.
The standoffs would get really hot!
And the processor would be really hot to touch.

Does overheating cause such stuff!?
I've been using it like this for quite a while..

Total connected stuff at the time.

A connecting layout.
An ADC board powered by the XM. 1.8,3.3,5V.
A printer via USB.

Only two problems i can trace. Is the overheat issue.
And the 5v pin in the connecting layout connecting the ADC board and
the Trainer-XM is a little loose.
A new connecting layout is in the making. But i had to make do with

Any idea where the board fried?

The tps59 something regulator should supply 1.8V..
If its busted should i try supplying the 1.8V rail externally? That
would be some weird electronics that is beyond me.

I cannot determine from what you are saying you did as to how you did what you did but it sounds like you definitely did it. I suggest you send it in and see if it can be saved. And, before you do what you did again, try and figure out what it is that you did so that you do not do it again. If the expansion header is exposed to any voltage over 1.8V, it will blow the processor and cause the power chip and the processor to over heat. I owuld start with the ADC board.


Standoffs get hot? What’s the diameter of them? Mabey one was making contact where it shouldn’t have been.

Mr Gerald.

Side note. Lol. V.Nice speech. :slight_smile:
It seemed like some sort of tongue twister.
No offense intended.

You are very right. I need to trace the problem before i tinker around
with another board.

I'll look into the standoffs Mr Mark.

As for the ADC,

The expansion header is connected directly to the Trainer-XM. Then the
connecting layout.
The connecting layout is basically some connections and headers. Made
to avoid bare wires hanging here n there.
And then the ADC board. Which is the ADS1298 daughter card from TI
itself :).
I have been using this assembly for a couple of months now. Working
perfectly fine.

The only new thing attached to this assembly would be the USB printer.
Its a nice model from Brother. PocketJet3Plus.

I was only trying to use CUPS to get the printer to print. Was seeing
some success when this happened..

About RMA. I'll clear it with my supervisor and send it.
But from where I am. I think sending it in RMA might be just $20-30
less than buying a new one.

It i do send it, hope Beagle Hospital can bring it back from the
dead. :slight_smile: