Help with audio IC selection for my BBB Cape

I'd like to use one of TI's combination CODEC and power amplifier ICs, like this one:

It's got an I2S interface, but I have no idea if the internal registers are the same as the TI chip on the BBB audio cape (tlv320aic3104). I tried a little googling for a driver for this chip, but nothing obvious popped up.

Looking at the data sheets, the register maps seem completely different. I see there's a tas.c driver in the linux tree, but I guess that's for the tas3004, which seems like a discontinued IC (not recommended for new designs),

What I'm looking for is a power audio amplifier with digital input for the most straightforward board design. This chip seems great, but I have no idea how hard it will be to make it work with Linux.

I'd appreciate any insight you more experienced folks might have. Thanks!

I haven't looked at the data sheet for either chip, but if they both use the same interface for communication you could either modify the existing driver or create a new one using the existing one as a template. If you are familiar with driver development, it shouldn't be too hard at all.