help with beaglebone black rev c

I recently bought two bbb used and the guy told me they needed be reflashed . well ive reflashed them several times . they turn on and only one light blinks constantly and one faintly blinks. when it first comes on two lights in middle light up then the outer two , then the bright flashing one starts like a heartbeat but nothing happens afterwards . ive installed drivers on windows 7 and it doesnt recognize it and also on machine running linux mint debian . im new to these , and was hoping to get them going to build some things with thanks in advance to anyone that can help me . if you need i can upload a video to show what the lights are doing thanks alot.

I suggest you start here:

It explains what each LED means.


i connected it to monitor it has ubuntu 12.04 installed but no gui only terminal access, i have tried everything what am i doing wrong

Go back to the link I sent. Do all of it exactly as it says.

If it ll works, then look at your UBuntu image as the possible issue.