Help with Beaglebone Wifi Cape BB-BONE-WIFI-04 and Angstrom (DE:AD:BE:EF)


I’ve just received the new BB-BONE-WIFI-04 cape in the mail and have a few questions for anyone who has any more experience with it:
(I’m using the 03-27-13 image linked to at; Angstrom v2012.05 - kernel 3.2.34)

  1. After power-up it takes over 30 seconds for the firmware to transfer (i.e. [37.147125] wl1271: firmware booted (Rev - is this normal?

  2. Calling ‘ifconfig’ shows the mac address for wlan0 as ‘DE:AD:BE:EF:00:00’. I’m guessing this rather suggestive value shouldn’t be actively used. What is the recommended way to set the wlan mac address? TI provides a ‘calibrator’ tool for this purpose but this doesn’t seem to be built into the image and I don’t seem to be able to find a package on opkg; does this need to be manually built? - am I going in the right direction here?
    (Leaving the mac as is I can connect to an access point with wpa_supplicant no problems)

  3. Has anyone had any luck using this cape with Angstrom version 2012.12, mainline kernel 3.8? I tried with a fresh systemd-image and it didn’t work, complaining about a missing devicetree file for this particular cape (as well as for my LCD7 REV-A3 cape) - is this too far out on the bleeding edge for now?

Andrew Glen.