Help with Brushless Esc.


so i have just got my hands on a BBB and i want to try out my quad-copter motors, and it seems like i just cant get it to spin!

the following code is what i use to run, and with no luck i am no completely stuck to why it wont spin.

var b = require('bonescript');
var motor = "P8_13";
var state = 0;

b.pinMode("USR3", 'out');
b.pinMode("USR2", 'out');
b.pinMode("USR1", 'out');
b.pinMode("USR0", 'out');
b.pinMode(motor, 'out');

b.digitalWrite("USR3", 0);
b.digitalWrite("USR2", 0);
b.digitalWrite("USR1", 0);
b.digitalWrite("USR0", 0);

startMotorSpeed = function()
b.analogWrite(motor, 0.6, 488 );
mainTimer = setInterval(startMotorSpeed, 2 );

stopTimer = function() {
b.digitalWrite("USR3", 1);
b.digitalWrite("USR2", 1);
b.digitalWrite("USR1", 1);
b.digitalWrite("USR0", 1);
console.log( "done spining!" );

setTimeout(stopTimer, 2000);

So anyhelp here would be awesome!
the esc im using is a RHD brushless esc simonk 12a.