Help with I2C on BBB in Debian

In the default Debian imagine, can any I2C bus be used from the P9 expansion header, without rebuilding the kernel? If so, which pins? (19 & 20, or 17 & 18?)

When I run i2cdetect, I have two I2C buses, but I’m not sure which buses they map to on the BBB:

i2c-0 i2c OMAP I2C adapter I2C adapter
i2c-1 i2c OMAP I2C adapter I2C adapter

Assuming I have a working I2C slave device, if I wire SDA to P9_20, SCL to P9_19, 3.3V power to P9_3, GND to P9_1, would one expect the device to show up on the i2c bus (the breakout board already has a pull-up resistor)?


The Debian maps the i2c-0 to i2c0, and i2c-1 to i2c2, if you use
echo BB-I2C2 > /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.???/slots
this enables i2c-2 maped to i2c1 on BBB in all cases the bus is configured with pull-ups, be careful with
capacitance in line, long wires can add…
i2c0 - internal
i2c1 - pins 17-18
i2c2 - pins 19-20

Sory, please read…
echo BB-I2C1 > /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.???/slots

Thanks Maycon,

That did the trick.