Help with powering beaglebone black using VDD 5V pins

I am building a differential drive robot system and am using Beaglebone Black Rev C to run the software. I want to power my beaglebone using the VDD 5V (P9_05)and ground (P9_01). But upon connecting it to the power supply, my board is not powering up and none of the LEDs is blinking. Here are the specifications of the power circuit I am using:

Battery: 4.4V LiPo battery ib series with 3.7V LiIon battery(current limiting circuit removed for increasing discharge rate)
Regulator: HTC LM2576-5.0 with rectifier (IN4007) and capacitors

The beaglebone makes a very light buzzung sound when connected to power but does not boot up. It is working fine when connected to my laptop via usb. The voltage regulator output is coming out to 5-5.5V. I found other topics where people faced similar problems but none of them answered the question conclusively. I have an amateur level knowledge of electronics and really need to get over this hurdle in order to get my project running. Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I think we are facing similar problems. Have you found out a solution?
It came to my mind if there is some need to force a external reset or something… Or maybe we failing to apply signals to the gpio pins after sysreset goes up… I have a specific design to do that, but maybe it is not working as expected.