Help with UART on BBB using Python


I am new to BBB and Linux. I am trying to set up a very simple BBB to Arduino serial connection. I am running Angstorm, which I updated. I have loaded the adafruit python library’s and have been able to control servo and steppers. I installed pyserial and python can import it.

I have tried to follow this example from adafruit. But it throws messages that are not included in the example like “return 1 lookup_uart_by_name”. And I get this error.

serial.serialutil.SerialException: could not open port /dev/ttyO1: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/dev/ttyO1’

I think that the adafruit library is failing to create the overlays. If I check the /dev folder I don’t see ttyO0, ttyO1 etc. I do see ttyS1 thur ttyS3, is that the UART connection? Are the ttyO1 files there by default or is that an “overlay” that must be created?

If the adafruit library is failing to create the overlay can I create one by hand? Is it just a file I can copy into the correct location?

As you can tell I am a little lost (to the point I don’t even know what I should be googling) so any help would be greatly appreciated.


okay to answer my own question after a little more looking around.

Two good places to read for more information are shown below. I found them in another thread (that I somehow missed before posting)

I still don’t know why the Adafruit library is not doing the overlay correctly.