Here some vectors for a BeagleBone enclosure/case

Yesterday I decided to cut out an enclosure for my BeagleBone using a laser cutter.

I have some special needs (I want an XBee slot in the top), so I designed my own, very much inspired by this one:

Here is a picture of the result:

Note that it doesn’t include any engravings like the adafruit one!

Also the version I publish here has some changes made to it:
I fixed some measurement-errors and made a different (way cooler :wink: ) front/backplates, so it’s not so much of a rip-off of the adafruit one anymore ;).

Here are the vectors (.cdr):

And here a screenshot for quick view:

I used 4mm persplex and some nuts & bolts I had lying around, so you may want to adjust some things a bit!

Hope somebody finds this useful,

Hey Janet,

Haven’t made anything for the new bb. Feel free to make any adjustments and of course to share them!

For assembly I used 15mm M3 screws and a washer inbetween the screw-head and the front/back plate.