Hey Linux guys, you were a newbie once.

So i bought the Beagle bone board. Have to say i love all that it has
onboard and the cost.
Now i figured before i bought it i was headed for a steep learning
What blows my mind, is that for as long a beagle has been around there
still is not a "Ultimate Getting Started" link anywhere. Sure there
is the getting started guide, but lets face it that all it it getting

I have seen this for a long time now, that it seems the Linux guys
just do things different than the norm. Its like to get ahead in Linux
you have to earn your bones before your allowed in.

I cannot figure out why out of all these years Beagle has not set up
some online classes to get new guys started out. Or e-books doing the
same. I mean after all me sitting here drooling to use it but with no
real clear steps is frustrating to say the least.

Someone should write a beagle book for the beagle bone starting from
blinking a led, then some network stuff like a FTP server, then web
page server, then explaining things like threading, and so on.

Great Idea!! Thanks for volunteering!!!

Take a look at, Mark's ECE497 stuff on elinux.. :wink:



Great idea Jim,
I've been struggling as well.
Please check out my blog posts on beaglebone at datamanlv.blogspot.com
I should document more of what your asking about.

I wrote/filmed two videos on interfacing with Beaglebone for LED
blinking (Including Knight Rider Script)

Blink LED 101: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV9VToC2UhA&feature=related
Read Analog Signals from beaglebone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5NfrtOo3Bc
This is the written tutorial i got help from:

PIPBOY3000 any one?