Hi, I'm new quick question

My Beagle board just arrived so only just started hooking it up. When
I power up with the HDMI to DVI cable attached i get a nice splash
screen that the gets 75% wiped out then nothing else, just hangs. Is
this normal, should it boot from here? I know that a serial connection
is needed for some operations (still sourceing a cable) but should the
board load anything else out of the box?



Hi Simon,

I got the same screen when I first started up the Beagleboard 2 months
ago. You need to prepare a SD card which the DOS partition should have
uImage.bin and the Linux partition should have the rootfs. Read
BBSRM_latest.pdf section 10.2 for the RS232 cable specification for the
correct type of cable. Follow the instruction in section 12.2 to prepare
the SD card.

Once the Beagleboard boots up, you should see the login screen:

The Angstrom Distribution beagleboard ttyS2
Angstrom 2009.X-stable beagleboard ttyS2
beagleboard login:


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