> Hi Jason,
> Hope you are doing good.
> Just wanted to ask a question. Is a wifi adapter for beagleboard
> available
> now ?

Can you please CC beagleboard@googlegroups.com? Do you mind if I add
the group to the CC list?

Sure Jason.

Just use a USB wifi adapter. There are many supported by Linux where
you can pull open source support.

What you may be inquiring about indirectly is the wifi board currently
under development for sale at http://beagleboardtoys.com/. Koen has
recently published pictures of a prototype on his Flickr account[1].
I don't know when that board will be for sale or the status of other
boards. You might be able to find out a bit more on the #wl12xx IRC
channel on Freenode as that board is using the device discussed on
that channel.

[1] http://www.flickr.com/photos/koenkooi/5393939518/

I see in https://github.com/gxk/ti-utils posts about it support soft
AP. That is what I'm looking for. Not a lot of usb dongles support
the soft AP. Wonder when the board will be on sale also