HID Firmware for Multi-touch

I’m running into a Beagleboard-xm + Angstrom problem I can’t get past and would love some suggestions.

I’m writing HID firmware on a Beagleboard-XM (Angstrom Linux) that allows it to function as a HID multi-touch device, primarily targeting Windows 7, for now.
By modifying hid.c I’ve created a custom kernel module g_hid.ko that works to create a single-touch HID device.
However, I thought going to multi-touch would be straightforward, but it’s not. I can’t get Windows 7 to recognized the Beagleboard’s multiple touch events.
My suspicion from research is that Windows 7 is making a hid feature request for maximum number of touches that my Beagleboard is not responding to.
Problem is, this is where my understanding of the Linux HID kernel module stops. I can’t figure out how to add that functionality.
Anyone know anything about Linux HID kernel module programming?
Any leads on where I can research to understand better are appreciated as well.
I’m really at sea on this one and am willing to hire a freelancer if I can find one to help finish the project.
Thanks and please contact me if you are interested.


No one has any clues?