Hiring software developer

I am looking to hire someone for software development. I am designing an industrial controller based on the BeagleBone Black single-board-computer. I need a full disk image created that includes the operating system and software that will run on it. I will be designing hardware accordingly.

  • BeagleBone Black single-board-computer to boot QNX operating system from onboard flash memory.
  • Ethernet interface set to fixed IP and subnet.
  • Sedona Framework initialized after boot.

I have the QNX and U-Boot images.
Sedona requires JAVA. I have of a copy of the JRE files from a similar device that may be used.
Sedona will need to access GPIO on the BeagleBone for analog and digital inputs and outputs.
I will ultimately need a MicroSD card image used to flash the BeagleBone so it boots stand-alone - no SD card.

Other items down the road will include RS232/RS485, LCD, remote IO, etc.

If you are interested, please look at these sites for more information and then we can discuss further.


Can I ask
How do you get the graphic work on BBB board within QNX ?
just curious ,
As I know , QNX close io-display support on this board , almost graphic architecture will move to screen ,but its not opensource .


This will be a headless device. There may be some web based configuration wizard for some functions, but no display support is needed.

How much benchmark do you expect ?

That will not be an issue. With QNX and Sedona having such small footprints and small resource requirements, I see JAVA being the biggest hog. This OS and software setup will run lightyears ahead of other controllers I will be putting it against.


this system on module has BBB schematics except for eMMC is changed to SLC NAND and is fully qualified for -40 +85 applications. This product is very popular by Russian OEMs, so you could design your application based on this module. Focus on SW, not HW bugs :slight_smile: