Home Audio Project

Sorry , I have one more thought , and that is , if I cant improve the latency of the linux audio driver,
I will see if I can get a USB audio device that has low latency. If I can find a USB audio device
with low latency and a linux driver exists for the device then I believe the beagleboard xm would
be a good platform for digital guitar effects.

Also, I would prefer 24 bit sample resolution rather than 16 bit sample resolution so I will very
likely explore the USB audio device option.


  Thanks for this, and I see there are some other comments on my original post. There's obviously a wealth of information here, and it never occurred to me that there are these eval board setups that do more or less what I'd worried about.

  There is also some dude who has posted an entire class around the BeagleBoard, http://elinux.org/Category:ECE497. It looks like he is using the BeagleBone, but that sure seems helpful.

  Thanks again,


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