Hooking up a bbb to xbox360 to use it's wifi internet connection..?

Hey all, so I have no experience with the BBB and am wondering if this would be possible. I have an xbox 360 with the wifi module so my xbox can use the internet connection in my apartment. Is it possible to connect the BBB to the ethernetconnection on the back of the xbox and use the wifi from the xbox to get online with the BBB.? I have the BBB connected to my tv so the xbox is right there and it would be cool if i can somehow just use it as my internet connection. Thanks for any info.


It is most likely not possible to share an xbox 360’s internet connection with any device. The BBB is capable of using shared networks but to do so you have to have it set up on the host device as well. How are you using your BBB? Do you have it connected to a computer or is it setup with it’s own display, keyboard, and mouse?