Host computer shuts down while booting..

Hi guys,

I have a clone of beagle Board.. DEV3530 from ema-tech.
I tried to boot the device with angstrom-x11 OS.. while booting, the
host computer just shuts down in between.. I have tried with different
computers , but i get the same problem every time..

How do i make sure that booting completes ?

Thank you..

Are you saying the beagleboard shuts down in the middle of booting?

If so you probably have inadequate power.

no the host computer shuts down in the middle… how and why???

no the host computer shuts down in the middle.. how and why???

Are you powering the BeagleBoard from the USB (OTG)?
Maybe your host computer has a problem with current on the USB.

Did you try using external power for the BeagleBoard?

How are you powering the board?


i power the board from an external source… i use an adapter for that.
the board works fine… But, the host computer stops… i use normal line power only, not any UPS or battery powered… all the power is get is from grid…

Assuming you have the serial port cable connected between the PC and the board, if you remove that connection, does the PC still stop?


No, i remove the serial port cable and restart the comp,it works fine…

It sounds to me like the serial port data, for whatever reason, may be causing your PC to crash. If you do not run a serial emulator program on the PC, does it still crash with the cable connected? Another issue may be that there is a confclist on the serial cable to where the wiring is incorrect.


Hi yaswanth,

Are you using some specific USB<->Serial cable? If so, can you try to
boot BB with some other cable connected to the PC?


Thing is, when i booted with Angstrom console package, it doesn’t crash.
But, when i boot with Angstrom x11 package, it crashes…
all other times it works fine. And when the serial console program is not running, the computer works fine…

Why does it happen?

i am not using any usb-serial converter … i use a proper serial cable…

Which OS and terminal program are you using? Could you please tell us
as much as you can about your configuration? Thanks.

OS is windows XP … i use hyperterminal … and 1GB ram … intel dual core processor.


I know it may sound silly, but do you have, or have ever had UPS
connected to your host PC?


i work in a company… they have a bank of ups back up power. that is not a problem at all…

please try another terminal program (PuTTY/TerraTerm/etc) .. and let
us know results .. thanks.

isn’t putty for linux distros… i use windows… anyways. i willl use another terminal program and let u know the results…

PuTTY for Windows:

Try to shut down the UPS application. It may listen on the serial port
for status information from the UPS and by an accident interpret some
of the strings from Beagleboard as a shutdown command.