Host[type-A EHCI] and gadget(MiniB-OTG) USB at a time with Rev-C

Hi all,
I have a RevC Beagle board which has one OTG port and one EHCI
Type A port. Will I be able to use TypeA in Host mode and OTG is
gadget mode at the same time?
I tried but it works only one at a time, Not sure how I can use both
ports at a time for two different purpose.

I have selected following options in .config. ( also find at

<*> EHCI HCD (USB 2.0) support
│ │ PHY/TLL mode (PHY mode: ISP1504 on Port1/2 (NEW 3430ES2.0)) --->

<*> Inventra Highspeed Dual Role Controller (TI, ADI, ...)
│ │ *** OMAP 343x high speed USB support ***
│ │ Driver Mode (Both host and peripheral: USB OTG (On The
Go) Device) --->

-> Device Drivers
│ -> USB support (USB_SUPPORT [=y])
│ -> USB Gadget Support (USB_GADGET [=y])
│ -> USB Peripheral Controller (<choice> [=y])

Please, let me know if I am missing anything and Can I use both ports
if different mode each.
Thanks for your help.

Thanks and Regards,
Shivdas Gujare

Yes you can use the OTG in gadget and EHCI in host mode. I connect the OTG port directly to a host desktop computer using a vanilla USB cable - that also then provides power for the board. You will need a hub on the EHCI if you need to use USB devices that aren’t High Speed or if they draw a lot of current…

Your config don’t appear to have set any of the gadget drivers - so set something like “CONFIG_USB_CDC_COMPOSITE”.