hot PMIC on beaglebone

I noticed the TPS 65217 power management IC on the beaglebone is too
hot to touch for more than a few seconds. I'm running the board using
the 5V DC jack. I couldn't find the TPS 65217 specs. Is this normal?

No, this is not normal. Sounds like something may have gotten blown somewhere on the board. Check for other hot devices. Is the board still functioning?


Gerald, I measured the current through the DC 5V jack and get:

idle at command prompt: 0.98A
idle, USB (Client plugged in): 1.1A
idle, Xtion Pro (USB) plugged in: 1.3A

That definitely seems out of spec. I'm also surprised that the manual
says the USB => serial converter uses 120mA, even when not

"Sounds like something may have gotten blown"

You mean shorted? What else can I check?


Also, the board has been fine for weeks. I've been running it 24/7
without problem.

You may be surprised, but that is what we measured on a good board. You board is sucking way too much current.

I have nothing else I can tell you to check, because everything is soldered down. You might as well request an RMA and have it looked at.


OK, the problem was my fault. I was using metal spacer nuts and bolts
to mount the BeagleBone onto a bread board. One of the spacer nuts was
touching the 5V end of the R150 resistor in the corner where the DC
jack is! This to me would cause a massive short circuit.

I just replaced the spacers with smaller ones, and the problem is
solved. Maybe in future PCB revisions, you should move that resistor
further away from the hole where the spacer goes.

Thanks for your help.

Glad you figured it out! We have already moved them on Revision A6.