How can I change resolution in xorg desktop?

Hi. I have a 2 question.

I Set
setenv bootargs 'console=ttyS2,115200n8 console=tty0 root=/dev/
mmcblk0p5 rootdelay=2 rootfstype=ext3 ro video=omapfb:mode:
but xorg desktop is always 640x480.

help me plz..

have a nice day..

Depends... Are you running a 2.6.26/27 based kernel with DSS(1) or
2.6.28/29 based kernel with DSS2...


I'm running a 2.6.28/29 based kernel with DSS2
ow can I change resolution?


Originally it was going to be similar to 2.6.27 DSS(1) and done with
the bootloader but the arm maintainer didn't like that so it wasn't

So the options are:

Set at compile time. (currently setting it for use with the pico projector)
Set at boot with some script/file. (i don't believe this has been done
yet... patches welcome..)


Thanks for your help. Always.

Is there anyway to change Xorg-xwindow resolution without kernel

ubuntu desktop has xorg.conf So I could change that file to Chang
desktop resolution.
but BB did not working.