How can I check inbuilt USB in gpio where mentioned pin E1 to E4

Hi Team,
We are using AI-64 in our project.
Actually we have requirement like we need to spare USB which is by default coming.
So we are planning to use in built USB which is in the header P9 pins are as below.
E3 - 5V
E4 - GND.
We have connected as per the schematic only.
But still we are not able to detect by using command lsusb.
When we are connecting in the given 2 usb port. By using lsusb we are able to detect our usb pendrive. But when we are connecting directly to this pin (E1,E2,E3,E4).
Is there any change we have to do for that?
Is there any change required in the device tree?
Please let me know the pefect method.
We are new to this board.