How can I set up wifi for BBB?

How can I set up wifi for my BeagleBone Black?

I am using this dongle: and might be able to use this tutorial:, but I’m not sure if it supports the Black or if it can support the Android OS that I am running on the BeagleBone Black. Basically I need help on figuring out how to set up a wifi dongle for my BBB running Android.

I don’t believe any of these were tested on Android.


How could I set a wifi dongle up so it would work? Just plugging it in
probably wouldn't do it, right?

Is that what the instructions said to do?


No, I have to configure it through the terminal program Hyperterm.

I have not yet plugged any peripherals into the USB port of my Android BBB for testing. I have had my hands a bit full making the initial Android image available for everyone and getting the build instructions for it written up (and answering hundreds of e-mails on it), so my testing of exactly what works and what doesn’t hasn’t happened yet. I do have a USB wi-fi dongle around here somewhere, and I might try using it to see what configuration needs to be done, but it won’t be for a few days yet. Until then, try experimenting with it and seeing what you can do with it. There are hundreds of you (and only one of me), and you all have various USB devices, capes, and other hardware that I don’t, so if someone else gets something working by playing around with it I will be happy to credit them and include their work in the Android image and build instructions.


Okay, thanks