How can I use GPIO as light bulb switch?


I want to power some good old light bulbs with my BB. As the gpios do not give enough Amphere I though on powering them with a separate power source and then using the GPIOs just as a switch.

How would such a a thing look like? Do I use transistors for such stuff?


You can use an optically isolated triac

Isn’t there something easier to do?

Wouldn’t a specific transistor work without damaging the Beagleboard?

A light bulb runs on alternating current and a transistor only works with direct current. But you could use a relay.

Why does a light bulb run on alternating current?

I remember using a normal battery with light bulbs in school and it did work ^^.

However thanks for the hint with the relay!

Ah yes. I just assumed you meant light bulbs connected to the grid.

you use a relay circuit.
something thing like this
I’m not sure if that exact one would work, but hope you get the idea.
Relays can be switched at small currents depending on the type you select.