How can the bonescript code be protected ?


I have been reading about bonescript on the internet, I learn that programming can be done on the beaglebone black using the IDE that resides in the BBB.

As the code is a script not a compiled program as in C, I was wondering how can a program made using bonescript be protected or being read by other users ??

In C and other compiled programs the executable or binary does not show the source code, but with the bonescript the entire program is visible to anyone who accesses the beaglebone black. Is there any way I can prevent users from reading the bonescript program ??

I have searched a lot on the internet, some have suggested a shell script that turns the script into a batchfile…

I suppose the same is true for python which is also a script…


If you need to obscure your code. then dont use javascript.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes that is one option.

If the SSH access can be password protected then can other users access the script files or the Cloud9 IDE??